16 devices in 1


All in one electronics lab

Waveform Generator
Power Supply
AVR ISP programmer
ARM Programmer & Debugger
Serial to USB Converter
8MHz Clock Source
Frequency meter
RLC + ESR meter
5x Programmable GPIO ports
5x PWM Ports
Diodes & Transistors tester
I2C to USB converter
SPI to USB converter
USART to USB converter


Meets or exceeds

4 channels, max 18MSPS, 64kB samples memory
5MSPS, advanced software
5 Voltages, 5.0V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, -5V ∑ 1A
4 Channels
AVRdude compatible
SWD debugger and programmer
1M Max speed
Provide clock for your devices
10MHz, Duty cycle
Advanced RLC meter (extension card needed)
Control GPIO from your computer
USB to 5xPWM converter
Advanced features
Program and debug I2C devices
Program and debug SPI devices
Program, sniff and debug USART devices

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